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Critics Picks: Top 50 New Albums and Top 10 Historical Releases


Jazz Times picked their top 50 new releases from Nov. 1, 2008 to Oct. 31, 2009. The album Seamus Blake: Live in Italy from Jazz Eyes made the top 50.

This is a Contemporary Jazz CD. It is a double CD.

Joe Locke - Sticks & Strings is one of Jazztimes top CDs of 2008.


Sticks and Strings by Joe Locke Quartet on the JazzEyes label has been selected as one of Jazztimes top CDs of 2008. Calling this collaboration with up-and-coming guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg "perhaps the vibraphonist’s finest CD to date," Jazztimes critic Scott Albin writes: "There are no wasted notes here, and no aimless technical displays. Locke and Kreisberg seem to inspire each other to creative heights, with the exemplary backing of bassist Jay Anderson and drummer Joe La Barbera.

Albin continues: "Anderson’s reflective ballad, “Time Like the Present,” features Locke and Kreisberg’s typically graceful unison theme reading, leading to emotionally moving solos by vibes, guitar and bass. Locke’s “The Rosario Material” is an intricate line, allowing Locke to exhibit his stunning command, sharp logic and varied attack. Kreisberg’s dampened, almost delicate tone and effortlessly executed extended lines impress both here and elsewhere on this session. “Sword of Whispers” is a Locke tune somewhat reminiscent of one of his finest compositions, “Saturn’s Child,” in its stair-stepping melody and similar resolution. Kreisberg switches to acoustic guitar for this, to great effect both in support and in his distinctive Spanish-classical-flavored solo. The performance of Locke’s “Terzani” reminds one of Gary Burton and Pat Metheny, Kreisberg’s riveting solo climaxing with skillful use of distortion. The soulful “A Word Before You Go” contains a testifying Locke solo and a rockish Kreisberg, bending notes with controlled abandon. “Appointment in Orvieto” has a loosely disguised “Giant Steps” modal framework, unleashing breakneck Locke and Kreisberg excursions. “Sixth Sense,” La Barbera’s Monkish composition, produces still more intense solos by the leader and guitarist. The two standards, “All of You” and “I Fall in Love Too Easily,” are treated reverently but distinctively, and the improvisations on these are brilliant and thoroughly engaging."

Time Out New York selects Barb Jungr as the #1 Cabaret Act of 2008


The prestigious on-line entertainment magazine Time Out New York has chosen Barb Jungr as New York's #1 cabaret act of 2008. Citing her sold out No Regrets and I Got Life shows at Manhatten's Metropolitan Room, Time Out New York's Adam Feldman writes: “The English singer cut loose with raw anguish and easy humor, confirming her status as the most exciting interpreter around.”

New Jazz Labels: Blue Bamboo Music and Effendi Records


Premiere Music Distributors is pleased to welcome the new Jazz labels.

Blue Bamboo Music:
Blue Bamboo Musicʼs goal is to provide a platform for jazz artists deserving of wider recognition. Beginning in 1986 with semi annual releases by the label's founder Chris Cortez, and recently expanded to include a small roster of other artists including: Groovopolis, Woody Witt, Mike Wheeler, and Joe LoCascio. Coming soon: Harvie S, Mark Piszczek, Asle Roe, Richard Drexler, Tianna Hall, Andrew Lienhard, and Mark Towns.

Effendi Records:
Effendi is an independent jazz label founded in April 1999 by Carole Therrien and Alain Bédard. Today, Effendi ranks among the most important jazz labels in Québec as well as in Canada. In the space of only five years Effendi has taken its place in the vanguard, helping an increasing number of artists to fulfill their musical projects.

Check in frequently, as we adding new titles frequently, and have more developments in store.

Naim Recordings on Vinyl Available


The Naim Label has a growing catalogue of albums, some of which are also available on 180gm virgin vinyl. As with the manufacturing of our compact discs, the highest level of care and attention to detail is taken when producing LPs.

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