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Label: Jazz Eyes

In jazz, spontaneity is essential. It can also be useful when setting up a label. So it's no great coincidence that, once the Italian jazz enthusiasts Paolo Siculiana and Toti Cannistraro realized they both loved the production and distribution of records, their Jazz Eyes label rapidly became a reality. With quality releases, artists such as Kevin Hayesn Salvatore Bonafede, Seamus Blake, Al Foster, Joe Locke and Eddie Gomez find an atmosphere to display their artistry.

What the press says about Kevin Hays:

"..... a jolt of joy!"
The New York Times

"He's all-encompassing; phenomenally so!"
John Scofield

".....Exquisite at every turn."
Musician Magazine

"I've never met a musician who is as perfect in their approach to improvisation. I've learned a lot working with him.”
Nicholas Payton