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Label: Inarhyme Records

“The hope here is to encourage an informed “outside-the-box” thinking in terms of stylistic boundaries and reaching audiences. Artistic yet accessible may be one of the best ways to describe what our releases share, whether they feature jazz, world, soul or rap.” — Keith Javors

The label is a continuation of Javors’ production and performance work in various non-niche and commercial markets. Acknowledging the saturation and challenges of a rapidly changing arts environment, Javors is dedicated to the high musical and professional standards and in the most current mediums and technologies. Using a top-tier production staff, the label’s mission is to produce excellent, creative projects that reach the everyday listener in a way that is artistic yet accessible. “Underneath everything, I’m passionate about the power of music, the artists who create it, and the audience who it hopefully empowers,” Javors says. “Inarhyme is about the consonance between the three.”

“I think much of the current push towards artist-driven labels is the result of the opportunities that they present to connect with fans in a way that it more immediate and intimate,” the man behind the label says. “While technology has hurt music in so many ways, it’s also allowed it to have infinite possibilities to connect globally. While the releases on Inarhyme are sometimes varied by style, there are certain common denominators: Creativity, positivity, a deep feelingfulness, and a commitment to the music. I try not to focus on categories or genres but on the spirit of music and a greater purpose and meaning. Even in the collaborations with rap artists, the message is always positive, or I wouldn’t be doing it.” It is the breadth of Javors talents and the expansiveness of his philosophical view as an artist that gives Inarhyme its distinctively forward-looking mandate to document productions with the potential to change how music is created and perceived.