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Bassinstinct: Illusionista

Bassinstinct: Illusionista

Catalog Number: ZM0011
Label: Zappel Music
Format: CD

Available: 11
Price: $15.99

Gerhard Muthspiel
Herbert Mayr
Gina Schwarz
Ernst Weissensteiner
Peter Herbert
Tim Dunin

The acoustic bass, the lowest string instrument, is used in many different fields. Be it classical, ethnic or jazz music: the bass has become an indispensable part of the family of musical instruments. Different playing techniques and stylistic characteristics have developed which sometimes seem to exclude one another. Although it is basically the same instrument there are very different ways of playing it.

Track ListingTimeMP3
2Oedipus Suite9:42Bassinstinct: Illusionista - Oedipus Suite
3Mi - Tout Le Fourbi4:27
4Summer Star Water3:57Bassinstinct: Illusionista - Summer Star Water
6Kabul2:17Bassinstinct: Illusionista - Kabul
8K43:28Bassinstinct: Illusionista - K4