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Depth of Emotion

Depth of Emotion

Catalog Number: WIM1005
Label: World Improvised Music
Format: CD

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Price: $14.99

Dave Liebman - soprano sax, indian flute
Ed Saindo - vibes, piano, marimba
avid Clark - acoustic bass
Mark Walker - drums

Depth of Emotion features the blend of Dave Liebman's soprano sax along with Ed Saindon's vibes, piano and marimba. The quartet's focus is on the group dialogue, improvisation and spontaneity played with an extreme dynamic range. The repertoire focuses on original compositions that evoke a wide range of emotions for the listener. The music can best be describe as contemporary jazz that ranges from delicate lyricism to intense, virtuosic displays played with abandon.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1the last goodbye7:14
2the healing5:27
3green dolphin street6:41Depth of Emotion - green dolphin street
4moon river5:36
5tokyo nights8:08
6giorgio's theme7:35Depth of Emotion - giorgio's theme
7sao paulo5:59
8alpine sunset7:06
9the healing (alt. take)5:31Depth of Emotion - the healing (alt. take)
11joyful sorrow2:43
12silent serenity2:41Depth of Emotion - silent serenity
1318th's child2:05
14life's dreams2:28