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Charlie Haden & John Taylor: Nightfall - LP

Charlie Haden & John Taylor: Nightfall - LP

Catalog Number: NAIMLP078
Label: Naim
Format: Vinyl/LP

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Price: $19.99

Categories: Vinyl/LP

Performers: Charlie Haden, John Taylor

The CalArts Sessions

Charlie Haden, double bass
John Taylor, piano

The Naim Label has once again achieved the significant coup of recording with one of the world's best known and most respected double bassists in the world, Charlie Haden. Continuing our tradition of pairing this legend of free-jazz double-bass with whoever he wishes to play with, the great British jazz pianist John Taylor was this time top of Charlie's list.

As equally respected as Charlie, John is probably best known for his work with the ECM label, having founded his trio Azimuth in the late 70s with Norma Winstone and Kenny Wheeler. John is currently a member of Kenny Wheeler's quartet and large ensemble, and performs in duo and quartet settings with John Surman.

Nightfall is an album of musical beauty; an uplifting combination of John's dancing fingers and Charlie's trademark resounding bass and finger slaps. The tracks are all by Charlie or John, with the exception of "My Love and I" a love song from "Apache" and a composition from Williams Walton's orchestral suite for Laurence Olivier's Henry V, "Touch Her Soft Lips"

Nightfall is a celebration of the musical simplicity that comes from recording the double-bass and piano live to a two track stereo tape recorder. Every tone and phrase is there, from John's improvisation through plucking the piano strings on "Chairman Mao" to Charlie's beautiful yet eerie bowing on "Song For The Whales".

Track ListingTimeMP3
Side One
1Chairman Mao4:26
3My Love and I7:33
4Au Contraire4:23
Side Two
2Touch Her Soft Lips and Part6:15
3Song For The Whales9:13