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Meet Me in London: Antonio Forcione & Sabine Sciubba - LP

Meet Me in London: Antonio Forcione & Sabine Sciubba - LP

Catalog Number: NAIMLP068
Label: Naim
Format: Vinyl/LP

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Price: $19.99


Meet me in London
Arranged and produced by Antonio Forcione

Antonio Forcione, guitars (1-9), nylon and steel string guitar, and fretless guitar (5)
Sabina Sciubba, voice (1-9)
Davide Mantovani, fretless bass (1), bass and synth horn (3), bass (4), electric bass (8)
Bosco de Olive, percussion (4, 7, 8)
Adam Glasser, harmonica (5)
Malcolm Creese, double bass (6, 7)

Antonio used a cutaway Ramirez guitar model 5CWE with Thomastik strings, a classical Ramirez Camera guitar with D'Addario strings, a Taylor guitar model 812 with Martin strings and an Admira customised fretless guitar with Thomastik strings.

Track ListingTimeMP3
Side One
2Take Five3:28
4Why Can't We Live Together5:43
5Night Train5:04
Side Two
1Could You Believe4:42
2When We Two Parted5:37