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DANNY WEIS: Sweet Spot

DANNY WEIS: Sweet Spot

Catalog Number: MMR030
Label: Marshmellow Records
Format: CD

Available: 2
Price: $15.99

Danny Weis

Danny Weis, guitars
Rich Brown, bass
Jorn Anderson, drums
Armondo Borg, percussion
Lou Pamonti, piano, hammond B3 and keyboards
Richard Bell, piano, hammond B3
Michael Fonfara, hammond B3, keyboards
Vern Dorge, alto, tenor sax
Pol Coussee, tenor & baritone sax
Jason Logue, trumpet
Latoya, Miranda and Byram Joseph, vocals on Keep The Faith

In 1966, Iron Butterfly was one of the best known rock bands in the world. DANNY WEIS, guitarist and co-founder of the original Iron Butterfly, proudly releases his first solo album! ”Sweet Spot” is an instrumental guitar album of funky guitar licks over original smooth jazz compositions, with elements of blues, R&B, funk and rock. The album features 16 tracks showcasing the sounds of international guitarist DANNY WEIS, accompanied by some of Toronto’s finest musicians. Also known for his work with Rhinoceros, Danny’s fan base has followed him throughout his career and will surely embrace “Sweet Spot”. During his career, Danny has shared the stage with The Doors, Janis Joplin, Ray Charles, Sly stone, and Jimi Hendrix and recorded with The Everly Brothers, The Rascals, Lou Reed and Alice Cooper. Danny’s musicality and incredible technique make for a unique and satisfying guitar oriented album.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Sweet Spot4:23
2Turn It Up3:30
3Cat's Meow3:45DANNY WEIS: Sweet Spot - Cat's Meow
4Country Licks0:43
5Angel's Flight3:57
6Apricot Brandy0:43DANNY WEIS: Sweet Spot - Apricot Brandy
7Graham Street Shuffle4:51
8What Would It Take6:09
9Funktracks0:39DANNY WEIS: Sweet Spot - Funktracks
11East Of The Sun1:31
12Dinner At Nine4:21DANNY WEIS: Sweet Spot - Dinner At Nine
13It's About Time3:40
15Somewhere Over The Rainbow2:48DANNY WEIS: Sweet Spot - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
16Keep The Faith4:01

"Guitarist Weis a musician of great virtuosity, displaying deft technique, a deep understanding of music and his instrument, a gift for songwriting, and a respectful, graceful approach. His new release Sweet Spot delivers a solid jazz punch with sixteen tasteful tracks and over fifty minutes of superb music in a modern take on classic styles."
Cindy McLeod,

A beautiful and brilliant album. Danny Weis was born to make music. 6 Bottles (of rare vintage wine), for a Guitarist that the Whole World should know about. If Danny Weis hasn’t yet graced the cover of Guitar Player Magazine, this disc should be his ticket…" - - -
Andy Grigg, Real Blues Magazine

"No vocals, just solid grooves and Danny's mesmerizing skills on the fret board. Just the ticket for a cool Saturday night. Weis finds the Sweet Spot all right, and hits it over and over! "
David Kidney, Greenman Review

"It's got far more bite to it than anything George Benson or Earl Klugh ever recorded!"
Jim Trageser, North County Times, San Diego