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BANN: As You Like

BANN: As You Like

Catalog Number: JE010
Label: Jazz Eyes
Format: CD

Available: 11
Price: $14.99


Its name an anagram formed by the first letter of the last names of its members, BANN features the vibrant sounds of tenor saxophonist Seamus Blake, the dynamic Israeli guitarist Oz Noy and the driving rhythm section of double bassist Jay Anderson and drummer Adam Nussbaum. The quartet makes its recording debut on this exhilarating studio session that showcases with authority the groundbreaking electro-acoustic band's inventive sound in which Noy's progressive fusion guitar and Blake's jazzy leaps sour over the percolating rhythmic foundation laid down by Anderson and Nussbaum.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1All The Things You Are6:36
2Played Twice6:54
4Will Call3:54
5Days Of Old4:50
6As You Like6:28
7At Sundown5:52
8Minor Shuffle7:16

"BANN is a powerful and effective communicator of a modern and exciting form of jazz that is entertaining, fresh, approachable and creative. I hope they stay together long enough to create some more great music. Rarely do I hear an album, this early in the year, that makes me want to declare it a possible candidate for one of the year's best. It is simply too early to make that kind of statement, but the new BANN release "As You Like" may very well deserve this accolade."
Ralph A. Miriello, Jazz Journalist