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Eddie Gomez Trio: Palermo - Limited Edition 180 Gram Vinyl

Eddie Gomez Trio: Palermo - Limited Edition 180 Gram Vinyl

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Catalog Number: J002LP
Label: Jazz Eyes
Format: Vinyl/LP

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Price: $19.99
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Eddie Gomez - Double Bass
Stefan Karlsson, piano
Nasheet Waits - drums

Flanking pianist Bill Evans for eleven years and chosen by Charles Mingus to play in his latest recording “Me, Myself and Eye”: that should be enough entre to present double-bass player Edgardo “Eddie” Gomez. he has played together countless times with other relevant musicians of the age, from Miles Davis to Adam Nussbaum to Chick Corea. Gomez has put together a jewel on a recording with a particular title, Palermo, chosen by the bass player himself, to confess his fondness for this city and its spirits and moods.

The is a numbered limited edition 180 gram vinyl release

Track ListingTimeMP3
Side A
1Palermo - Gomez, Karlsson, Waits
2Illusion - Stefan Karlsson
3Missing You - Eddie Gomez
4On Green Dolphin Street - Bronishaw Kaper/Ned Washington
Side B
1Smilin' Eyes - Stefan Karlsson
2We will meet again - Bill Evans
3If I should loose you - Leo Robin/Ralph Grainger
4My Foolish Heart - Victor Young/Ned Washington

Jazzman - 4 Stars