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François Théberge and Lee Konitz: Soliloque

François Théberge and Lee Konitz: Soliloque

Catalog Number: FND079
Label: Effendi Records
Format: CD

Available: 1
Price: $15.99

Part Two of a magical, unmissable encounter, this work is a magnificent mosaic of breathtaking sound textures and superimposed orchestral effects. The group dynamic resembles a series of short studies assembled around the framework of one spacious, ethereal sound environment. A tale is told… Throughout the album's nine pieces, as each performer takes his place logically and naturally in an inspired exchange of voices, improvised storylines arise, free of clichés or needless repetition.

Lee Konitz has always been a tireless explorer, constantly inventing and reinventing melodic lines. Here once again he joins with François Théberge as the Quebecois saxman continues his luminous exploration of the jazz master's music, begun in 2002 with the album "Music of Konitz". This time around, we are treated to a veritable conversation between the two men. A year and a half's worth of writing and arranging reveals the full measure of Konitz's genius in his astonishing solos. Théberge's rich creativity and playfulness are also in abundance, as he unmasks his inner self to create, assemble, refashion, construct and deconstruct music which breathes deeply, naturally, and effortlessly.

François Théberge, tenor and c melody saxophones, vocals & flute
Lee Konitz, alto, soprano saxophones & vocals
Jerry Edwards, trombone & vocals
Stéphane Belmondo, trumpet, flugelhorn & vocals
Paul Imm, bass & vocals
Alan Jones, drums & vocals

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Blues #79:02
2Leezes8:25François Théberge and Lee Konitz: Soliloque - Leezes
3A Ballad7:42
4Lips2:58François Théberge and Lee Konitz: Soliloque - Lips
6June '056:26François Théberge and Lee Konitz: Soliloque - June '05
8Olive Me7:16François Théberge and Lee Konitz: Soliloque - Olive Me