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Frank Lozano: Colour Fields

Frank Lozano: Colour Fields

Catalog Number: FND078
Label: Effendi Records
Format: CD

Available: 3
Price: $15.99

Recipient in 2006 of a grant from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Qu├ębec for a residency in New-York city, Frank Lozano comes back with a repertoire strongly inspired from this experience and from his encounters with musicians there. Rich music, with depth, maturity and full of sensitivity.

Frank Lozano, tenor saxophone
Jim Lewis, trumpet
Kim Ratcliffe, guitar
John Geggie, double bass
Jean Martin, drums

Track ListingTimeMP3
3Rothko (Colour Fields)2:03Frank Lozano: Colour Fields - Rothko (Colour Fields)
5New Man5:30
6Kandisky2:24Frank Lozano: Colour Fields - Kandisky
7Now Won7:25
9Africaine3:49Frank Lozano: Colour Fields - Africaine
10Center of Gravity6:14