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Joe Sullivan Big Band: Stop and Listen

Joe Sullivan Big Band: Stop and Listen

Catalog Number: FND068
Label: Effendi Records
Format: CD

Available: 1
Price: $15.99

When Joe Sullivan thinks about the band and this project, a few random thoughts and images come to his mind: ...finally, there's nothing in the world quite like a Big Band. He loves it all...the rehearsals, the new charts, the old jokes, the good gigs and even the bad. And every band has it's own unique character, which, he guess, comes from some combination of the book, the players and the guy standing out in front. This band plays the heck out of his music and he all have loads of fun doing it. For that he is most grateful...

Joe Sullivan Big Band
Rémi Bolduc, alto saxophone
Donny Kennedy, alto & soprano saxophones
André Leroux, tenor & soprano saxophones, flute
Al Mclean, tenor saxophone
Jean Fréchette, baritone saxophone
Jocelyn Couture, 1st trumpet
Jocelyn Lapointe, trumpet
Aron Doyle, trumpet
Bill Mahar, trumpet
Joe Sullivan, trumpet
Dave Grott, 1st trombone
Richard Gagnon, trombone
Jean-Nicolas Trottier, trombone
Bob Ellis, bass trombone
Carlos Jaminez, guitar
André White, piano
Alec Walkington, double bass
Dave Laing, drums

Track ListingTimeMP3
2Pat’s Visit12:10Joe Sullivan Big Band: Stop and Listen - Patâs Visit
4Le Bolduc6:11Joe Sullivan Big Band: Stop and Listen - Le Bolduc
5Rémi Partout6:49
6One For Dave6:26Joe Sullivan Big Band: Stop and Listen - One For Dave
7Stop And Listen8:58
8Blackjack8:11Joe Sullivan Big Band: Stop and Listen - Blackjack