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Jazzlab: Chance Meeting

Jazzlab: Chance Meeting

Catalog Number: FND066
Label: Effendi Records
Format: CD

Available: 1
Price: $15.99

The most striking characteristic of the JazzLab team is the constant energy and vitality they bring to their unique perspective of the jazz universe. Beginning with their first concert in 2002, JazzLab has consistently presented projects of remarkably intensity, combining different approaches, mixing together the various styles at the forefront of modern jazz today. Striving to develop an identity and a sound all their own, Jazzlab presents a musical narrative through composite works, sustained improvisations and adventures in sound.
JazzLab: creating, performing, communicating… the fever grows.

RĂ©mi Bolduc, alto saxophone
Frank Lozano, tenor & soprano saxophones
Alexandre Côté, baritone saxophone
Aron Doyle, trumpet, flugel horn
Richard Gagnon, trombone
John Roney, piano
Isaiah Ceccarelli, drums
Alain BĂ©dard, acoustic bass

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Song For Joe (R.Bolduc)6:59
2Rate Of Change (J.Roney)6:08
3Conversation (A.CĂ´tĂ©)6:38Jazzlab: Chance Meeting - Conversation (A.Côté)
4Realo (F.Théberge)5:40
5FND (Joe Sullivan)8:00
6Contour (R.Gagnon)5:45Jazzlab: Chance Meeting - Contour (R.Gagnon)
7Serenade (R.Bolduc)5:21
8Mysteriovum (I.Ceccarelli)6:55
9Chance Meeting (F.Lozano)7:07Jazzlab: Chance Meeting - Chance Meeting (F.Lozano)
10Third Degree (J.Roney)7:09