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Coco Zhao: Dream Situation

Coco Zhao: Dream Situation

Catalog Number: FND065
Label: Effendi Records
Format: CD

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Price: $15.99

Coco Zhao is a great artist from Shanghai (China). He presents with his new projet "Dream Situation" a strong appearance of the song and melody under all forms. With his excellent musicians, Coco use Chinese traditional music inside modern jazz mood and forms. He believe everything has its own rule, and its own uncertainty as well. He believes in fate. He always think we can adopt completely different ways to interpret one thing. At all time, he also want to use a new way to represent those touching melodies coming from the past, and tell the stories of that time with the mood of nowadays. It's a fate for him, that the dream and poetry are coming true today!

Coco Zhao, vocals
Peng Fei, piano & keyboard
Huang Jianyi, piano
E.J. Parker, acoustic bass
Chris Trzinski, drums

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Full Moon, Blowing Flowers
2I Have A Tale
3Unvailable LoveCoco Zhao: Dream Situation - Unvailable Love
5I Want Your Love
6Dream SituationCoco Zhao: Dream Situation - Dream Situation
8If Without You
9Three YearsCoco Zhao: Dream Situation - Three Years