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Julie Lamontagne: Facing the truth

Julie Lamontagne: Facing the truth

Catalog Number: FND052
Label: Effendi Records
Format: CD

Available: 3
Price: $15.99

With the acoustic trio playing an important part as an early musical influence in her life, it's only natural that Julie Lamontagne would choose to present her debut album in trio formation, along with Dave Watts on double bass and Richard Irwin on drums. Ten original compositions inspired by jazz tradition, but with an added whiff of modernism that gives this trio a sound all their own.

Combining memories from journeys past, casual moments, monumental events, doubts and convictions, quiet reflection, pleasure, laughter, simplicity and wisdom, the music on this album will carry you away into an intimate and unique world. Music lovers will delight in discovering this young and already very accomplished pianist.

Julie Lamontagne, piano
Dave Watts, acoustic bass
Richard Irwin, drums

Track ListingTimeMP3
2Facing The Truth6:51
3Douce Latitude7:32Julie Lamontagne: Facing the truth - Douce Latitude
4Hank Dog4:50
6For Months6:02Julie Lamontagne: Facing the truth - For Months
7Day In Paname5:02
9White Chocolate6:21Julie Lamontagne: Facing the truth - White Chocolate