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Effendi Jazzlab

Effendi Jazzlab

Catalog Number: FND044
Label: Effendi Records
Format: CD

Available: 1
Price: $15.99

Effendi records proudly presents a unique concept : eight accomplished musicians performing music by their composer colleagues. In April 2002, Alain Bédard approached several composers, asking each of them to compose and arrange one original piece. These would then be reunited into one collection and performed by an eight-man ensemble. An innovative idea, born of a desire to create an unconventional meeting of musical minds. It's a very open-ended concept, which is why we called it JazzLab!

Steve Amirault, piano
Rémi Bolduc, alto saxophone
Frank Lozano, tenor & soprano saxophone
Alexandre Côté, tenor & baritone saxophones
Aron Doyle, trumpet & flugel horn
Kelsley Grant, trombone
Frédéric Alarie, double bass
Martin Auguste, drums

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Mr Coleman > Rémi Bolduc6:54
2Wayne Shorter Part I & II > François Bourassa7:11
3Mou > François Théberge6:33Effendi Jazzlab - Mou > François Théberge
4March Questions > Joel Miller7:09
5On The Bus > Thom Gossage12:39
6Look Left > Christine Jensen6:55Effendi Jazzlab - Look Left > Christine Jensen
7Inner Search > Alexandre Côté7:07
8Brouillard > Yves Léveillé10:09
9Era > Frank Lozano7:48Effendi Jazzlab - Era > Frank Lozano