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Emotional Phrasing - Marcin Losik Trio

Emotional Phrasing - Marcin Losik Trio

Catalog Number: DT9037
Label: Dot-Time Records
Format: CD

Available: 32
Price: $14.99

Categories: Contemporary Jazz

Performers: Marcin Losik Trio

Emotional Phrasing

Marcin Losik Trio

Marcin Losik, piano
Ksawery Wojcinski, bass
Robert Rasz, drums

Marcin Losik’s energetic phrasing is filled with romanticism, merging with inventive, very often surprisingly contrasting rhythms and energetic phrasing. This is the debut recording for this up and coming Polish artist, imbued with tracks that are exquisitely complex, voracious and twisted improvisation. The constantly revolving motifs, phrasing and energy lend support to Marcin’s strong musical message. This recording should not be missed by piano trio enthusiasts.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Modal Enterprise6:21
2The Portrait of Satie7:18
3On The Edge Of The Millennium9:23
4Waiting For My Buddies6:13
5Emotional Phrasing4:27
6Her Song6:24
7The Last Castle6:17
8Both Sides6:47