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Simone Gubbiotti: Promise to my friend

Simone Gubbiotti: Promise to my friend

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Catalog Number: DT9021
Label: Dot-Time Records
Format: CD

Available: 1
Price: $11.99

Simone Gubbiotti: Promise to my friend

Simone Gubbiotti, guitar
Peter Erskine, drums
Darek Oles, bass

Guitarist Simone Gubbiotti is a musician with a strong presence in both the USA and Europe. Based in Umbria (Italy) Simone frequents the US regularly where he performs with musicians including Sid Jacobs, Joe La Barbera, Nick Rosen, Arthur Blythe, Lewis Nash, Corey Christiansen, Danny Gottlieb and Jay Anderson. Simone’s latest release “Promise to a Friend” is a set of 10 original compositions and features Peter Erskine on drums and Darek Oles on double bass.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Tracks in the sand6:22
3Promise to my friend6:49
4Pedro's blues4:54
5Anger and a bit of tears4:21
6Human condition4:06
7Looking at a liquid sky4:59
8Who can I turn to?6:53
9Portrait of the day4:56

"Simone Gubbiotti tells "The human side of the music".
Fabrizio Ciccarelli-Roma in Jazz

“Gubbiotti doesn't play like a guitarist that needs to make his way in the world. He plays like a guitarist that has already made it and is able to reflect on the world through his music.”
All About Jazz