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Chris Cortez: Mum Is The Word

Chris Cortez: Mum Is The Word

Catalog Number: BBM007
Label: Blue Bamboo Music
Format: CD

Available: 15
Price: $13.99

Chris Cortez

Featuring: Sam Bruton, Jeff Mills, Edwin Livingston, Larry Panella, John Wooton, and special guests, New Orleans favorites, James Singleton, Humphrey Davis Jr., Dean Fransen, Billy Bargetzi, and John Reid.

Following the success of 2004's Hold It Right There, and 2003's Groovopolis, guitarist/vocalist Chris Cortez delivers a blazing set of acoustic, straight ahead jazz.

The disc is a mixture of vocal and instrumental tracks, including 5 new originals, and 7 classic chestnuts like Everyday I Have The Blues, Georgia On My Mind, Sweet Georgia Brown, Honeysuckle Rose, Manha De Carnival, Lazy River, and Avalon. Cortez's originals feature clever, "tongue in cheek" lyrics, guaranteed to bring a smile.

My Way Is Better, plays to "control freaks" everywhere. The title track, Mum Is The Word, touches on the pitfalls of social interaction. Bad Attitude presents a dead-on description of the musician's life, and Rhythm Method Blues tells the story of a man with too many children. The Brazillian flavored instrumental, Trouble With Larry is at once, touching and energetic.

Everything is presented with Cortez's ever present, and quite spectacular guitar work and feral vocals, supported by Chris' regular band, and special guests As with all Blue Bamboo productions, this is an impeccable recording with just enough stylistic variety to keep things fresh and interesting.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1My Way Is Better3:16
2Everyday I Have The Blues3:22
3Georgia On My Mind5:13Chris Cortez: Mum Is The Word - Georgia On My Mind
4Bad Attitude2:59
5Sweet Georgia Brown2:51
6Honeysuckle Rose5:43Chris Cortez: Mum Is The Word - Honeysuckle Rose
7Manha De Carnivale4:06
8Mum Is The Word3:05
9Trouble With Larry5:10Chris Cortez: Mum Is The Word - Trouble With Larry
10Rhythm Method Blues2:36
11Lazy River3:44
12Avalon3:00Chris Cortez: Mum Is The Word - Avalon