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Christopher Cortez: Talamasca

Christopher Cortez: Talamasca

Catalog Number: BBM004
Label: Blue Bamboo Music
Format: CD

Available: 4
Price: $13.99

Christopher Cortez

Featuring: Danny Infante, Troy Jones, Chuck Arnold, John Touchy, Joe Raines, Gary Marcus, Rick Dior, and Noah Shaye.

Original jazz from this award winning composer and guitarist.

Track ListingTimeMP3
3Chrono Syncrastic Infundibulum4:56Christopher Cortez: Talamasca - Chrono Syncrastic Infundibulum
4The Iguana4:30
6Katherine2:55Christopher Cortez: Talamasca - Katherine
7Say Ah4:43
8Bayou Liberty1:30
9Ten Tan Tens3:43Christopher Cortez: Talamasca - Ten Tan Tens
10Greenwood Cliff3:06
12Different Strokes4:20Christopher Cortez: Talamasca - Different Strokes
13Sirens Of Titan2:58
14Martes Gordo5:43